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Fidget Cube Box nctions as the preliminary examination, selected the following five works to participate in the challenge they are cat Ah Darling hundred percent Hope summer summer, stars and stars, wow Kaka s bubble attack , light of the Dragon Princess Gamba whine , 12 obediently Clover. It should be stressed that in the Martian library, we will adopt the elimination mechanism of five into three, that is, five works in the readership support rate of the two direct elimination, the remaining three will work with the newly selected two works for the next round Of the race. So, your every vote is essential Let us listen to the five authors of the Declaration of canvassing Darling hundred percent Author cat Yaya HI, Hello, everyone, for the first time to participate in this fiction contest and my heart is really very, very excited about it Oh, on my work I want to say is that if fidget cube japan you like super handsome guy, it must, must, had to support me Oh Because my dear boy drop a Ming Hao night, but a first class beauty man, male II is also a take all from 5 to 50 year old woman, the super handsome Oh Support cat Ah, is to support Minghao night, equal to support the big handsome guy, ha ha so please vote for me now Summer Summer Star Star Author Ling Xi Hello everyone, I hope the spirit Yes, that is the beauty of love that tells fidget cube tech insider the Greek hope This time, I fidget cube 2 bring you a three month commitment , if you are the three month agreement is equal to the whole life, the story moved, do not fidget cube high quality forget t.id of fire kung fu Glow up HOHOHO Because Gunagawa high school is in Seoul South from my home, but separated by thousands of miles Perverted father s hand absolutely can not stretch so long He is not a supernatural power of the Buddha Of course I am not the only pee everywhere, leaving the evidence of the stupid monkey HOHOHO I can spend a good three years of boarding high school life Awesome The highest free price I finally can fly that. Change birds Change birds Yay That day will be the beginning of my good life No longer every day at four in the morning to be abnormal father kick up to practice morning run Four points ah Dead point that Since the age of five, young and honest I Said a really big truth Perverted my father began to look at me every day dislike to torture my young and tender body for fun Hum, the past can not remember ah Mother of Heaven, why you in heaven, I was in fidget cube box the father s hand to create the hell Comments Angel East Chou Chou West how Is not there People really want to go on Well, compiled Black Angels What, early in the morning here Guizhaojiaozhi, really annoying Angel I grew up to be able to train a kung fu, so I am looking forward to the following lovely story, must be very praise Black Angel However, the author s text is too jumping, I am worried that the plot description will lack the necessary transition Oh Angel You do not worry about the matter, I believe that the strength of the author, but you have to remind one, is also.

g at her eyes, if there is a trace of soft if not like. I can not help you, he said, pulling out a coin and stuffing it in. Look, I m the best at this real or fake Lele almost could not believe my ears. With a burst of sweet music, the crane machine fidget cube kickstart s clip began to move up. Leave there, not to go there, Come here, ah Lele nervously directed, full of fidget cube box hope that he can really caught that lovely cats. Know, go, go to the dead Jiang Yi Chen impatiently fidget cube box shouting. Lele grievances flat flat mouth, secretly glanced at Jiang Yi Chen, the stare, but accidentally discovered that he was careful to move the joystick that abnormal focus on the look. This looks like Jiang Yi Chen really cute too Lele cover his mouth proudly laughed, if he has been fidget cube box so gentle enough See, Shoudaoqinlai Jiang Yichen complacent voice interrupted her thoughts. Really She was overjoyed, turned to hold his hand to look her face suddenly drawn three long black lines. This guy even What is it She yelled at fidget cube box him angrily. Hey This is not the doll you want it His expression looks a bit surprised. I want is not this ah Lele can not wait to grab his neck. Is not this You just said that this is very cute and fun, ah He scratched his hair. I m talking about Jingle Doraemon ah She almost could not help but roar up. You do not obviously say that the leap monkey Jiang Yi Chen to see her stomping look look annoyed, almost fidget cube box laughing, he jumping monkey sticking hand broke apart, around her neck, and t.o go down, and then deep into the arms of the night will be all. Come in. fidget cube palegodenrod I licked my mouth. A Li, hungry Is not abandoned. He slowly walked in front of me squat, reach out and hold my ankle, gently pinch, warm air flow along the tendons up, relieve my discomfort. How do you not ask me curse things I first Shenbu Zhuqi, seize fidget cube box the hand is not abandoned. Night, his eyes are still gentle and warm. You do not want to say, I do not ask. Faint to explain one, do not abandon gently hold my hand. I pulled not abandon, sitting beside me, stretch their limbs have been stiff, the head will not fidget cube 3d printer abandon generous shoulder, my voice as flowing water in the night in general passionate injury from the ancient, I was The most powerful curse hurt the other. I feel the body does not give up a bit stiff, and then I was not abandoned the whole circle into the warm embrace. In the wound of the people, every full moon night, retrograde blood, ten thousand ant erosion heart, suffer the world can not imagine and endure the pain, every episode, blood on the virtual one point until the last hemoptysis and death However, the wicked is the most vicious the cursed person after the death of her offspring also can not escape the curse, with the continuation fidget cube box of blood, the curse is also replaced from generation to generation in one of this curse, can not be solved Waist around tightly so I was almost breathless strength, let me take back his thoughts, light raised a touch of smile, I turned my.head, breathing, such as blue Do not give up, hold me fidget cube box 12. Do not abandon When you see this letter, I have gone. Eighteen years ago, my mother married into the martial arts at that time to respect for the sword fidget cube box of the bell house, and later learned that the bell is not the most powerful set of Royal Sword tactic, but Zhongjia inherited the curse of a few hundred years Surgery. Cursed by the bell, or bizarre death, or life than death. Therefore, the status of Zhongjia in the martial arts in the noble, curse surgery contributed. Mother in a government out of time, was under the Ecstasy, and then in the Devil Dafa, Bell s secret will be leaked out, her mother awake after his unintentional not to tell my father, two months After the bell at home and two doors were Daughter. At that time, in addition to mother and father, as well as the mother side of a maidservants because of extortion outside, all people are dead. It is said that night, the bell home crying loudly, the fire red half of the night sky, the body was burned burning smell a full month before dissipated. Father learned that his mother revealed the secret of the Bell family, leading to the Zhongjia Daughter after the tragedy, did not listen to her mother s explanation and begging, to the mother under the world s most vicious and most cruel curse hurt parting. Later, my mother gave birth to me, until more than a month before the death of each month are suffering from the curse of torture, death for her, is perha.

Fidget Cube Box did not even wrinkled brow about, open, out My voice is never as cold as ice and snow. Do not abandon fidget cube bronze my brother will not like you I do not abandon my brother grew fidget cube for adults prime up together, he likes me Is it me Do you know Musa fierce Baba directed at me cried, the water vapor in the eyes of the spread. The seventh chapter an agreement forever 3 Kind of feeling, one is years I looked at Musha lightly, and behind her do not give up. 10 How do you want to let go Aunt sat opposite me, the tone of the request is too much to ask. I will not give up. Leaning on the bed, my mouth blooming than the cold winter ice smile. That year is your mother s fault aunt stood up, eager to explain or explain what. I stroked the tassel Luo account, the mouth is still hanging the most gentle and sweet smile, I like a gossip generally asked aunt, all these years, you sleep at night can be stable There is no nightmare You claim You Aunt a burst of gurgling throat, eyes looked at me horror, the body rustled shivering, fingers trembling fidget cube box pointing at me, You impossible Impossible Mother, my mother looked in the sky I leaned forward, whispering like a low opening. Ah Aunt screamed, stumbling to seem to have the same chase in the back, quickly ran out of my house. Ha ha ha ha I burst out laughing. This is just the beginning. 11. I have forgotten how long I sat in the window, only know that the legs have been numb, cold hands and feet, watching the sunset a little bit of light t.er, I only talk to her just. Huo Qingchuan snappily finished, stood up and stretched a lazy waist and said. Play basketball and then go back Everyone also grabbed the bag action. Zhou Jun Dong walked around to the side of the pupil whispered to him. Riverside this kind of bad ah I control him, he was crazy Dong Tian pupil sneered. When Huo Qingchuan opened the door of the classroom, his name will not be written upside down to write, Xu Wei stood in front of him, fiercely staring at him. He startled a bit, standing in place can not move. Everybody fidget cube box saw Xu Wei standing in the doorway also stopped the footsteps, are showing a look of good looks. Xu Wei can see that he was quite fidget cube box surprised, she took advantage of sneered Huo Qingchuan, you really mean that the mouth ah Huo Qingchuan heard frowned, very unhappy, not made a word, shaking his head, everyone is not much noise quickly evacuated the classroom. Zhou Jun, Xu Wei side by side when she took her hand and said. He is strange today, he just said you do not take it seriously, not to Sun Xiao Miao said You and he are a group Why do fidget cube to purchase I want to listen to you Xu Wei stared Zhou Junnian, very impatiently throw off his hand. You Zhou Jun helpless shrug, along with everyone to leave. Huo Qingchuan you this jerk Xu Wei hysterically shouting, she was almost mad. Basketball court, Huo Qingchuan them in the game. Boys play has always been very serious investment, rebounding when he was big Dong Tian pupil hit the ground, elbo.

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